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    Elegant Thé can be associated from black tea has sweet bold taste and hibiscus flower sweet and sour, mingled with groups of tropical fruit kiwi, pineapple, mango, strawberry, banana and grapes -...

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    Kisses Thé, Sweetness taste of Vietnam blueberries fruit blended with the sweetness characteristic of black currants and flavor yogurt greasy feel excitedly as soon as he touched, followed by quite a...

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    Fragrant from ginger and lemongrass immediately soothe the nerves, causing the muscles in the body slowly stretch out, along with floral daisies fiery remains in acrid mild and sweet climate of oolong...

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    Tea Garden, fragrant jasmine scent faintly and gently with lush white flower buds as stimulating people to touch are coated evenly onto something sweet and a little tart climate of alternating green...

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    The flowers are harvested when just blossomed, it was just as they absorb the energy are blended of the earth and sky. Picking the flowers need to be patient, very patient to be able to catch the...

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    Smiley Thé with main ingredient is the aroma, ripe fruit with aromatic soothing, gentle hibiscus flower and bud roses, enjoy slowly, like is ample excursions into the garden spring floating. Smiley...

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    Soothe Tea with jasmine fragrant like the smell of girls with warm spicy ginger, beside the sweet and sour taste of orange peel, red apple and bitter, with the cool of verbena. Soothe Tea flavor and...

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    Bonjour Vietnam introduces you to Glamor Tea is a unique and new combination of coffee beans, chocolate powder and natural herbs. The combination of strong and seductive has created a creative...

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    Bonjour Vietnam introduces to you one sweet taste a little tart phase of her kinky haughty. Along with black tea and hibiscus flowers, dried strawberry, chrysanthemum metallic money combined with...

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    Danse Thé bring to itself very interesting flavour unmistakable and can’t impressed also quite charming. Combining sound sweet and sour taste of hibiscus flower with the sour cool kiwi fruit, next to...

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    Shark Tea as a fruit garden with oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapes, apples and peaches, all of which are ripe and colourful, irritating since no mixing. Can call hibiscus flower is the champion of...

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    Powers Tea is a colorful picture with flowers combined together, and that's why Powers Tea scented very passionate right after exposure. From chrysanthemum metallic money with a bitter taste mild,...

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Bonjour carries a simple and sophistication style of the beautiful French mixed with classic style of old Vietnam bring to customers about the ancient memories while enjoying Tea & Coffee of Bonjour.

What is Bonjour Tea?

As the kinds of tea branded Bonjour always aims to help customers feel all values, the purest that Vietnam Tea brings the core values ​​is the purest; the teas come from the distant Highland region but carry the purity to themself, purity of Vietnam and the harmony of the human hand made them.

Coffee Brands

About Coffee, we are committed to customers the best coffee products from the central highlands of Vietnam. Bonjour-Vietnam ensures that a sustainable trade policy, using employers in central highlands of Vietnam to work for the company and ensure them a stable income.


Drinking tea every morning and unexpected uses

Besides drinkingmorning coffee habit, many other people also liked to sip a hot cup of tea before starting a new day. Along point unexpected benefits of drinking tea every morning

Chinese Tea Quality Director Explains “Zero-Growth” Action Plan for Pesticides and Fertilizer

The director of China’s tea quality control programs describes an industry in transition with a goal of uniformly clean tea.

Herbal tea is being used widely across the globe

Herbal tea grew very popular in recent years, largely due to the growing interest of consumers for health.

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