About us

21:31 19/08/2018

A cup of tea is enough to package elite’s culture of Vietnamese. Enjoying a delicious cup of tea is a delicate art that not everyone understands.

A new day has full of energy from Vietnamese have begun a delicious cup of tea that is how Vietnam also reward myself to prepare for a long working day.

Bonjour - Vietnam wishes to bring to customers the full power for a new working day and calmness of mind after a lot of worries in life.

If Tea is quiet and calm, Coffee is the passionate love that is not doping and depositing. Coffee initially may bitter but as long time change to sweet substances, the strange change to familiar substances. As well as the love and enthusiasm of Bonjour - Vietnam carries our French-style is becoming familiar and indispensable in daily life.

Bonjour had born carrying the French style for the Vietnamese and promises to be a place of production Tea & Coffee unique of Bonjour.

Enjoying Tea & Coffee as well as each of us through the emotions, tones go from bitter to sweet taste of life. As well as the love of the couple with bitter, sweet but summary look in the same direction.

Tea or coffee if you drink too fast will make us easily to drunk, but while enjoying slowly will see its sublimation. The first dating of the French or Vietnamese is not lack of cup of tea or coffee. How many years has always been like that......