Tea Garden, fragrant jasmine scent faintly and gently with lush white flower buds as stimulating people to touch are coated evenly onto something sweet and a little tart climate of alternating green tea...

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Hidden deep within the heart streets with buildings of modern architecture of Saigon's old apartment, was built a century ago but still imposing presence. Space was quiet and thoughtful enough to please Bonjour Vietnam Tea with friends while wandering looking for drinking places. "We prevent the classical values ​​disappear, but we can try to connect and pass on those values to future generations " – a quite famous saying sentence of an expert in food and it is always true in all cases and professions. The responsibility of those who make culture is preserved, creativity and development. Bonjour Vietnam Tea always chooses the old values, which along with the mind and availability their creativity, more it is the companionship of the tea friend to create and save the soul of tea culture.

Tea Garden is full of improvisation married between tea and flowers. A scented flower for tea is a concept not strange to person enjoy tea, even this approach over the centuries has always been the best way to increase the density momentum for tea. Fragrant jasmine scent faintly and gently with lush white flower buds as stimulating people to touch are coated evenly onto something sweet and a little tart climate of alternating green tea. Why we call the Tea Garden is full of improvisation married? Knowing, green tea and jasmine enough to make the soul of Bonjour Vietnam Tea Garden Tea but still accenting add mint leaves at the end of the sip of tea to slightly acrid sweetness blended with the long stay cool and deep.

In the art drinking tea, delicious tea is necessary but not sufficient condition. Tea and water is sufficient to contribute to the correct standard of good tea. According to ancient books had handed down, the best water for fixing tea is the dew on the leaves remaining at dawn, when the sun had barely awake. If picky, some people even dew seasonal storage to be used for each different type of tea. Because they say that, all of which would depend on the quality of water, the water is not good, finished well get a lot of poor quality. Depending on actual conditions, you can use non-chlorine water, bottle water or purified water bottled boiled to make tea. So, the Tea Garden is correctly taste.

Journey chilling tea, fixing tea and roasting tea isn’t easy. It needs all the soul, wish, flair, diligence and patience. The essence of each step in the journey that is clearly expressed in the drinking tea. Let slowly, relaxed and slowly sip the first tea, delicious tea or just a fraction of a first can feel, special tea or not, tea connoisseurs just three snap that can decide whether to continue or not the second sip and continued again until tea with people, with gradually. With people make tea, what happy with the turn, then turn teacup filled with go inside story increase long and thick.

Composition of Garden Tea

** Green tea

** Jasmine

** Mint

Benefits of Garden Tea Health

** Helps to improve cholesterol in  blood and reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

** Rich in antioxidants known as polyphenols, catechins, thearubigins and theaflavins, these substances can reduce the aging and reduce the risk of some cancers

** Contains anti-inflammatory, preventing inflammation in the skin

** Improved skin health such as reducing acne and pimples

** To prevent and treat diabetes

** Improve anxiety, stress

** To protect and improve the digestive system. Heat, detoxification. Laxative, prevent colorectal diseases and gastrointestinal disorders

** Reduced patient discomfort joint pain and osteoarthritis

** Strengthen resistance, help combat the harmful agents and improve health

** Helps to lose weight, prevent fat absorption, reduce fat and lose weight


** Preparation: large cup or tea pot + Garden Tea + boiling water

** Rinse hot cup or tea pot           

** Take 2-3 grams of tea (2/3 teaspoon) and 150ml boiling water at 85-90 degrees Celsius

** Can be used after 5 minutes.


The product is packed in glass box and paper bag, easy to store, environmentally friendly, elegant form, suitable for display and gift.

Shelf life & storage

The best using of product is 24 months from date of manufacture, to ensure the taste of the product, it will be 3 months from opening date the packging, preserve in cool place. Temperature below 30 degrees avoid direct sunlight.


The product contains caffeine, so do not drink in the evening if you have trouble sleeping or sleeplessness, or have a history of caffeine allergy. In addition, tea is acidic medium fruit; people with stomach pain (stomach) should not drink on an empty stomach.


Bonjour Vietnam ensures that the product is made entirely of natural ingredients, from herb to natural fruit, all selected according to high standards, without the use of chemicals and preservatives. The products remains the original source of each ingredient and most importantly, maximize the use of each ingredient when combined to create a unique drink of Bonjour Vietnam Tea.

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