Fragrant from ginger and lemongrass immediately soothe the nerves, causing the muscles in the body slowly stretch out, along with floral daisies fiery remains in acrid mild and sweet climate of oolong tea, Soufflé Thé can contribute emotional balance and regenerate strength...

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Late autumn afternoon, crossing from the spiral of smoke, dust, vehicle, noisy sound ... to return to the place where small safety place. Drop a little yellow daisies, some oolong tea buds, add a few slices of ginger and lemongrass leaves into right Celsius boiling water and then wait until the water color is dark yellow, it's time that we have numerously Souffle Thé tea cup. Fragrant from ginger and lemongrass immediately soothe the nerves, causing the muscles in the body slowly stretch out, along with floral daisies fiery remains in acrid mild and sweet climate of oolong tea, Soufflé Thé can contribute emotional balance and regenerate strength.

Delicious tea must be beautiful first; water color must be clear and nice, next to the taste. Should be used porcelain cups or teapot to mixing Soufflé Thé, like that you can see through the color of tea, more porcelain is material to keep good heat, help save the hot tea is longer than. Sit behind hot tea cup with melodic piano, closed eyes and slowly enjoy, seemed we had strayed to the pretty memory region. Tea smell has attraction so that invites intense past that? Ancient countryside with immense green fields, sunset sky in the afternoon is very high, gleam few kite of kids in the neighborhood. Insect called tingle find friends, the smell of grain, grassy smell crouched prepared the throne to go to sleep. Gentle afternoon breeze on the top head and then playing through the shoulder, between endless memories sky everything like stopped ... Bonjour Vietnam Tea and Souffle Thé carrying the pure natural things, so the flavors are simple but always lingering capacity as emotional domain from the old memories.

Drinking more a sip Souffle Thé tea, gently but embraces the essence of sky earth and the art of human-made. With Bonjour Vietnam Tea, the emotions just as emotional about forever memories fade over time. Need to breathe and feel deeply, something sweet to make human fresh more who will weave into each fiber. Drinking tea, like drinking the feeling of what had been through so that is the contemplation and recognition for what is coming. Souffle Thé is the breath that Bonjour Vietnam Tea is gift for those who bring a lot of nostalgia about the past however far but that close.

Composition of Soufflé Thé

** Oolong Tea

** Yellow daisy

** Lemongrass

** Ginger

Health benefits of Souffle Thé

** Rich in antioxidants, helps prevent aging and cancer

** Prevent osteoporosis and strengthens bones.

** Helps stabilize sugar in blood

** Contains polyphenols should contribute to reducing cholesterol and enhance heart health

** Ability to soothe the nerves, sedative and stress

** To protect the digestive system and prevent gastrointestinal diseases. Detoxify the respiratory system

** Increase the elasticity of the skin and slow the aging process of the skin

** Support for the treatment of insomnia, headaches and dizziness

** There are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal                                      

** Reduced fat absorption, reduce fat and lose weight

** Strengthen resistance, help combat the harmful agents and improve health


** Preparation: large cup or tea pot + Souffle Thé + boiling water

** Rinse hot cup or tea pot           

** Take 2-3 grams of tea (2/3 teaspoon) and 150ml boiling water at 85-90 degrees Celsius

** Can be used after 5 minutes.


The product is packed in glass box and paper bag, easy to store, environmentally friendly, elegant form, it is suitable for display and gift.

Shelf life & storage

The best using of product is 24 months from date of manufacture, to ensure the taste of the product, it will be 3 months from opening date the packging, preserve in cool place. Temperature below 30 degrees avoid direct sunlight.


The product contains caffeine, so do not drink in the evening if you have trouble sleeping or sleeplessness, or have a history of caffeine allergy. In addition, tea is acidic medium fruit; people with stomach pain (stomach) should not drink on an empty stomach.


Bonjour Vietnam ensures that the product is made entirely of natural ingredients, from herb to natural fruit, all selected according to high standards, without the use of chemicals and preservatives. The products remains the original source of each ingredient and most importantly, maximize the use of each ingredient when combined to create a unique drink of Bonjour Vietnam Tea.

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