Elegant Thé can be associated from black tea has sweet bold taste and hibiscus flower sweet and sour, mingled with groups of tropical fruit kiwi, pineapple, mango, strawberry, banana and grapes - fruit is sliced ​​and how prepared according to current methods modern, standards to retain flavor and nutrients...

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In countless types of tea, the level popularity of black tea (Red Tea) is consistently ranked top for sweet flavor, addictive and many miracle uses for health. This tea when we brewing with boiling water will produce red water, depending on the level of different oxidation which would watercolor shades, so that black tea also known as red tea refers to this characteristic. Most of the features of water quality black tea that is so long in the air will not or metamorphic discolored, so do not lose the use of the tea capital.

There are values; they will always invariant ​​over time, tea drinking culture and black tea is one of them. Through many vicissitudes of the times, tea drinking is still the habit from the house to the street, from the countryside to urban ... If culture is a picture with bold brushstrokes, colorful, crystal health and lively, the tea is one of the most delicate brush strokes in her panoramic pictures. The latest statistics say, the amount of consumption of black tea in the billion cups every year, this is sufficient to show that tea drinking culture, especially black tea will continue to exist forever. Image of a person raise gently a cup of tea in any circumstances is also an elegant image, noble and elegant. "Keep calm! Drink a cup of tea and you'll be fine! "- is the question of mouth is also the philosophy of tea lovers come from several hundred years ago in England. A cup of tea will soothe the spirit so that brings feelings of the most "calm".

Bonjour Vietnam Tea as well as the community, very passionate black tea, brings black tea to the creation of own elegance. Elegant  Thé can be associated from black tea has sweet bold taste and hibiscus flower sweet and sour, mingled with groups of tropical fruit kiwi, pineapple, mango, strawberry, banana and grapes - fruit is sliced ​​and how prepared according to current methods modern, standards to retain flavor and nutrients. Enjoy Élégant Thé is like walking with colorful autumn afternoon in light wind. The smell seemed to be consensus blend together to create a phonemic gently but be deep; it feels like autumn wind was playing with over the cheeks and slowly wool deep inside and leave feeling completely relaxed, comfortable long time. Do not worry that the bold taste of black tea and sweet climate would be lost; the taste was still intact to make up the soul of Elegant Thé.

Composition of Elegant Thé

** Black Tea (Red Tea)

** Hibiscus flower

** Dried fruits (kiwi, pineapple, mango, strawberry, banana and grapes

Health benefits of Elegant Thé

** Reduced cholesterol and triglyceril in blood, regulates blood circulation and sugar in blood. Obesity by limiting the volume of blood fat, protect the circuit. Effects regulate blood pressure, cure liver, reducing arteriosclerosis.

** Prevent aging, against the growth of cancer cells

** Improve anxiety, stress

** Limit the formation of stones in the urinary tract, support liver function, bile.

** There are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal

** To protect and improve the digestive system. Heat, detoxification. Laxative, prevent colorectal diseases and gastrointestinal disorders

** Strengthen resistance, help combat the harmful agents and improve health

** Helps to lose weight, prevent fat absorption, reduce fat and lose weight

** Improved skin health such as reducing acne and pimples.


** Preparation: large cup or tea pot + Elegant Thé + boiling water

** Rinse hot cup or tea pot           

** Take 2-3 grams of tea (2/3 teaspoon) and 150ml boiling water at 85-90 degrees Celsius

** Can be used after 5 minutes.


The product is packed in glass box and paper bag, easy to store, environmentally friendly, elegant form, suitable for display and gift.

Shelf life & storage

The best using of product is 24 months from date of manufacture, to ensure the taste of the product, it will be 3 months from opening date the packging, preserve in cool place. Temperature below 30 degrees avoid direct sunlight.


The product contains caffeine, so do not drink in the evening if you have trouble sleeping or sleeplessness, or have a history of caffeine allergy. In addition, tea is acidic medium fruit; people with stomach pain (stomach) should not drink on an empty stomach.


Bonjour Vietnam ensures that the product is made entirely of natural ingredients, from herb to natural fruit, all selected according to high standards, without the use of chemicals and preservatives. The products remains the original source of each ingredient and most importantly, maximize the use of each ingredient when combined to create a unique drink of Bonjour Vietnam Tea.

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