Soothe Tea with jasmine fragrant like the smell of girls with warm spicy ginger, beside the sweet and sour taste of orange peel, red apple and bitter, with the cool of verbena. Soothe Tea flavor and smoothness as the name that people has called it....

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Morning with full foggy sky, beside tea cup with favorite books together. At that moment, when we are immersed in ourselves world, the mind has not oscillations, it is time, we feel a life to the fullest. While there's nothing between the hustle of modern life, one small peaceful corner to slow down and to lift the spirit for you. Allow yourself to pause for a moment, to energize, to realize the value of self and to spread the value to the community.

Drinking tea is also a way to slow down . Because tea is unlike other drinks, would not rush out to your competence at the tea bar scene. Tea need to slowly, slowly and very gently. Associate long with tea will know the concept of "Drinking tea in mindfulness" – it is drinking, we know we're drinking, do not let other thoughts interjected to make us forget the taste of tea, of what we are drinking tea. Is taking, we see the full presence of myself, of the recent past, the present and the future is full of values ​​that we're going to the same tea. Bonjour Vietnam Tea want to remind you that what we read is just emotion, but to feel all, sometimes we need to collide. Along with Bonjour Vietnam Tea, please lightly touch; feel to it out of bankruptcy tea blended with emotions that life brings to each person.

Soothe Tea with jasmine fragrant like the smell of girls with warm spicy ginger, beside the sweet and sour taste of orange peel, red apple and bitter, with the cool of verbena. Soothe Tea flavor and smoothness as the name that people has called it - addictive flavor of ginger spicy on the nose sometimes right after mixing, seemed spicy ginger will do Soothe Tea. But not so, blended with warming ginger and bitter sour taste of the rest has created mild sweet taste bar, save long with yellowish color of tea water, gently but charismatic. Soothe Tea can drink when are hot and cold , but especially when hot drink, because saturation of Soothe Tea still remain intact. Soothe Tea is suitable for all ages, but not for pregnant women. Especially for those suffering from common illnesses such as headache, cough.

Composition of Tea Soothe

** Jasmine

** Orange peel

** Red Apple

** Ginger

** Verbena (Verbena)



Benefits of Soothe Tea Health

** Prevent risk of cancer

** Reduced cholesterol in blood, regulate blood circulation and sugar in blood

** There are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal

** Helps eliminate stress and depression. Good for the brain, headaches, muscle tension and heart rate reduction

 ** Treat cough and rheumatic diseases

** Protect and improve the digestive system. Laxative, prevent colorectal diseases and gastrointestinal disorders

** Anti-bleeding, antispasmodic and treatment scobut

** Strengthen resistance, help combat the harmful agents and improve health

** Helps to lose weight, prevent fat absorption, reduce fat, lose weight and improve skin health


** Preparation: large cup or teapot + Soothe Tea + boiling water

** Rinse hot cup or teapot              

** Take 2-3 grams of tea (2/3 teaspoon) and 150ml boiling water at 85-90 degrees Celsius

** Can be used after 5 minutes.


The product is packed in glass box and paper bag, easy to store, environmentally friendly, elegant form, suitable for display and gift.

Shelf life & storage

TThe best using of product is 24 months from date of manufacture, to ensure the taste of the product, it will be 3 months from opening date the packging, preserve in cool place. Temperature below 30 degrees avoid direct sunlight.


The product contains caffeine, so do not drink in the evening if you have trouble sleeping or sleeplessness, or have a history of caffeine allergy. In addition, tea is acidic medium fruit; people with stomach pain (stomach) should not drink on an empty stomach.

Bonjour Vietnam ensures that the product is made entirely of natural ingredients, from herb to natural fruit, all selected according to high standards, without the use of chemicals and preservatives. The products remains the original source of each ingredient and most importantly, maximize the use of each ingredient when combined to create a unique drink of Bonjour Vietnam Tea.



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